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June 9 - 11, 2014

Plano, Texas

 Goal:  The goal of the Tax Alliance Conference is to
offer a blend of courses balanced between
 representation (controversy) and preparation of taxes
with a nexus to Federal taxation.

Objective:  To give the participants an update on dealing
 with the various taxing authorities for either  tax return
preparation or controversy/representation.

Advanced Preparation:  None is needed.
Prerequisites:  None needed.
Requisite knowledge and experience: Intermediate to advanced.
This is an update seminar delivered in lecture style.


To facilitate the exchange of timely tax information from various taxing authorities to the professional tax practitioner community of North Texas in a setting conducive to education; in an environment which encourages the exchange of ideas and customized to the "practical use" of and for the needs expressed by the Tax Alliance Conference participants, at a recognizable value to the attendees.
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