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Every year we take pride in offering the BEST continuing professional education in the Dallas area at a GREAT price! We offer intermediate and advanced continuing professional education covering representation/controversy as well as preparation/substantiation to EAs, CPAs and attorneys.  

· Our speakers regularly include tax experts from the private sector        as well as from the Internal Revenue Service.

· Presentations cover a wide variety of topics.

· Continuing Professional education credits are offered to enrolled agents, CPAs and attorneys.

· Great lunches and breaks are included in the price.

· A wine and cheese reception offers an opportunity to mix and mingle with old friends while making new friends in the tax professional community. 

· The audience has an opportunity to ask questions!

· Facilities are top notch! the Plano Centre offers great meeting rooms just of Central Expressway in Plano, Texas.

Privacy Policy

Pictures of attendees may be used in subsequent years for marketing purposes.  


Our Board Of Directors

Teresa Dempsey, President   t.dempsey@andrecpa.com

Jackie Rollins -


Judy Jackson -


Steve Carter -


Ashley Brannan -


Kyle Coleman - 


Patti Logan - 


Richard Logan -


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Tax Alliance Conference

(972) 810-4380

Conference Dates:

2020 Conference

June 9 - 10 - 11, 2020

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